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Course Directory / Category B+E Driver Training (Car and Trailer)

Cars are classed as motor vehicles not exceeding 3,500 kg maximum authorised weight and not having more than eight passenger seats. This licence will also permit the driver to tow certain weight trailers. A category B Licence is required for drivers of these vehicles who must be a minimum of 17 years of age





One-to-one tuition 2-day training course


Shared tuition 3-day training course


DVSA Practical Driving Test


All fees quoted are exclusive of VAT except for test fees as they are exempt

A category B+E licence and another driving test pass are necessary for drivers who wish to tow trailers of above a certain weight. This licence is required when the towing vehicle, which must not exceed the 3,500 kg weight, is towing a trailer or caravan which exceeds the 750kg MAM weight limits.

Drivers who passed their driving test prior to 1st January 1997 will have category B+E entitlement on their licence. Those who passed their test after that date received only a category B entitlement. Such drivers often find that they need to tow a trailer in the course of their work. The NTS category B+E training course has been designed to prepare drivers to take the DSA practical driving test that will add this category to their licence. The test is taken at the DSA test centre at Jupiter Road, Norwich.

NTS offers Category B+E training on a one-to-one or shared tuition basis. One-to-one tuition is offered on a 2-day course with the DVSA practical driving test on the second day and shared tuition is offered on a 3-day course with the DVSA practical driving test on the third day. the shared tuition requires a booking for 2 candidates.