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Course Directory / Safe Coupling and Uncoupling of Category C+E trailers

The Health & Safety Exectutive reports that 'accidents and dangerous situations occur all too often when drivers of large goods vehicles (LGVs) fail to follow safe coupling and parking procedures. Unsafe practices often lead to vehicle runaway or trailer rollaway situations. They can result in serious and fatal injury to the driver or others, and costly damage to both vehicles and property.'

Many logistics employers believe that coupling and uncoupling of Category C+E trailers is a matter of ‘common sense’, something that every driver knows instinctively and carries out corrrectly each time they do it. A quick internet search will show horror stories that could have been avoided - Example 1; Example 2.

If you are an employer of drivers of coupled vehicles, you could be held reponsible in the event of death or injury of your employees or others caused by a coupling and uncoupling accident. You could face a conviction for corporate manslaughter and incur substantial fine or face imprisonment, not to mention the damage to your reputation and the effect on your operator’s licence.

You can mitigate against the dangers of being convicted of corporate manslaughter by demonstrating that your employees have been trained how to carry out coupling and uncoupling operations correctly.

A Norfolk Training Services Coupling and Uncoupling of Category C+E Trailers training course will train your employees in the the correct way to couple and uncouple. The course includes a review of current practices, a demonstration of the correct way to couple and uncouple, a classroom session detailing the correct method, a question and answer session to clarify matters and an opportunity for your drivers to put what they have learned into practice, all under the control of a Norfolk Training Services qualfied trainer. Each driver will receive a certificate of attendance detailing the course content on completion.

Courses can be delivered either at our training centre at Norwich using our vehicles or at your premises utilising your vehicles (this has the added advantage of promoting learning in familiar surroundings).

The cost of each course which can accomodate 3 drivers is £250+VAT.

To book a Safe Coupling and Uncoupling of Category C+E trailers training course for you or your drivers, contact Norfolk Training Services Logistics Training Dept. on:

Tel (01603) 259900 Ext. #213