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Training Needs Analysis

As an employer, you will know that in order to ensure optimum performance from your organisation, whether large or small, it's vital to have trained people working for you. Whether its customer service skills for those colleagues representing your organsiation at any level or management skills for senior managers or qualifications for skilled craftspeople, all need to be trained in the most up-to-date qualifications available.

The best way to ensure that staff are well-equipped to perform is to analyse their training requirements. Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is defined as the “Identification of training requirements and the most cost effective means of meeting those requirements”.

A Training Needs Analysis  can be as simple or as sophisticated as you require. Essentially, it entails listing each function or job within an organisation, recognising the qualification that would be or is appropriate for that function or job, examing whether those colleahues doing the job have the required qualification and examining the possibilities for achieving the qualfications. For small businesses, it can be as simple as identifying an Apprenticeship for an administrator or for larger organisations it can be as sophisticated as setting up a training and veleopment plan fro many hundreds  of people. NTS Area Training Representatives are well-equipped to help employers to carry out a Training Needs Analysis if required, and at no cost.